Things with Wings & Fins

The Compound Gallery is pleased to announce a solo show Things with Wings and Fins featuring works by esteemed Emeryville mudflat artist Tyler James Hoare. This show features a collection of sculptures made by Hoare over the course of the past year during quarantine. Hoare produced hundreds of birds, cranes, ducks, puffins and other winged fowl alongside an assortment of fish and an amalgamation of curious creatures.

‘A sculpture a day’ has been Hoare’s mantra throughout the pandemic as he used his art as a way to stay creative and active during this extreme time. Hoare’s subject matter is inspired by his decades long engagement installing sculptures made from found driftwood, detritus and other objects along the Emeryville mud flats. Hoare has used the Emeryville mudflats, particularly the vestigial remnants of the old pier, as a gallery for his work since the 1970’s.

His latest work transforms water bottles, milk jugs, driftwood branches, hardware store finds, and other repurposed objects from his daily life into his imaginative characters. Uninhibited by excessive planning, Hoare is at ease with his medium as he freely uses his found materials to sculpt these objects as if he were an abstract expressionist sketching with a brush.  Each sculpture has a freshness and spontaneity that results in expressive creatures with unique personalities and gestures. Come browse the imaginary shoreline at The Compound Gallery and frolic with Things with Wings and Fins.

All works will be available as cash and carry which will result in an ever changing exhibit. Take home a piece of East Bay art history as a souvenir of one man’s personal expression through the pandemic. The collection of works on display will also include a wall installation of over 50 of Hoare’s ‘“masks” (imaginary portraits) which were also made during the pandemic.

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