What's the Point


Finally, your life has a point.  It's good to have a point. And what a remarkable point this is. Individually hand-crafted from genuine clay, then fired, glazed by the artist and fired again, each point is both majestically imperfect and utterly unique.  Such magnificence deserves to be displayed to a maximum effect, and to this end your point comes complete with an equally unique wooden plinth for it to sit atop.  Skillfully honed from Douglas Fir which has been hand-finished by the artist and adorned with wittily worded, laser cut signage, the combination of point and plinth create a three dimensional visual feat that any art lover would be proud to own. 

David Fullarton
What's the Point
wood, ceramic
approx. 3" deep, 3" wide, 11" tall
Edition of 20 

Note: ceramic point is removable
Included: Certificate of authenticity, sticker