Redwood bathroom insert for Roadtrek

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In addition to running an art gallery, we love our #vanlife.  These were made in our shop from reclaimed redwood and assembled with glue and staples.  Made of high grade reclaimed redwood cut and planed into strips and sanded to 800 grit.  The wood is left unfinished because redwood is naturally rot resistant. If desired, you could put on a varnish or sealer of your choice in order to retain the color. (We left ours unfinished)

We have used ours for a few months in our 2018 Simplicity SRT.  These should fit most recent Roadtrek bathrooms, but you might want to double check the dimensions to make sure it fits yours.  We keep ours in place when we shower, but occasionally take it out to dry in the sun and to clean the floor underneath.  It's up to you if you want to leave it in when you shower.  We really like that our feet are always dry now :) 

Our floor insert has held up well for us (about 170 lbs). We can’t guarantee how this will hold up given different weight circumstances. 

Available for pick up in Oakland, CA or shipping