Current Members Only- Monitored Riso Print Session (Sun, July 21st 3-4pm)


Sun, July 21st 3-4pm

For current Compound Studio Members only.  
You must have already taken the Intro to Risograph Class. 

These 1 hour sessions are meant for you to come and print something relatively simple while we have a monitor nearby. This is not a class or workshop.  The monitor ("Riso Wrangler")  may be working on their own projects, machine maintenance, cleaning drums, etc. The monitor is there to help if you have any trouble during the process but they are not there to walk you through the entire process. You should be able to print and remedy basic errors that the machine may give.  If the monitor feels you are ready to have private access, you will be allowed to start printing on your own. You may require more than one monitored session before you are allowed to print on your own.

You must pay for your masters/prints during this session. You will have one hour to work on your project. If there is another person booked for a session after you, please make sure you are cleaned up and finished on time.  The monitor will let you know if someone is booked right after you.

NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES once you book your slot.