Chump bandana


Designed by KRK Ryden
Black bandana with natural cotton color lines, red tie(discharge printed)
Approx. 20" washed
100% cotton
Printed in Oakland, CA
Edition of 110

 *If you live in the Bay Area and would like to pick up at the gallery, please select Pick Up at checkout. 

These bandanas are not printed with ink, the lines are "bleached out" so that there is no ink layer (except the tie) and the natural color of the cotton is revealed. Each bandana will become softer as it is used because there is no "ink" used.

It's a protest in your pocket! Use it to blow your nose or clean up messes. It's super useful when you need to wipe some grease from your brow.  You are going to need this as a souvenir when you tell your grandchildren about the insane '20's. The Chump bandana was found by an independent research team to be the most insulting and poignant political cartoon of trump.