Invitation to Elsewhere

The Compound Gallery is pleased to announce a solo show featuring new works by artist Yameng Lee Thorp – Invitation to Elsewhere.  Lee Thorp uses color and shape to create perspective that echos otherworldly places and objects that might reside in such habitats. Lee Thorp’s spirited works are a mood. Her work brings familiarity and compels further inquiry as if to clarify to the viewer…Is this a still life? Fauna? Terrain? A silhouette? A portal to elsewhere? The selection of works showcased in Invitation to Elsewhere reflect Lee Thorp’s varied approaches to creating. Each purposed mark appears effortless and fluid. Each piece is unpredictable. Invitation to Elsewhere will feature original mixed media paintings and collages and select works on paper that will remain on display from July 16th -August 28th at The Compound Gallery in Emeryville, CA.

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